Brand development

Experience, Competence and Flexibility – Our Success Factors for Your Brand

We know that our trade partners entrust us with their most valuable possession: their brand(s). And this trust must be justified every single day. Every brand is unique – and that is why every brand is supported individually by our specialists.

Our main task is to ensure success of our partners, to generate sustainable business growth, and to  build strong and memorable brands, taking a significant place in the customers’ lives.

SOLGIO is proud of its extensive experience and knowledge in the field of services.With a team of passionate professional experts we offer complete and comprehensive business solutions for sales, logistics services, marketing and brand management for brands in our portfolio. In our business and actions we are driven by our Vision, Mission, Principles and Values.

The key elements of our success are:

  • distribution of high-quality European brands and products
  • competitive distribution policy
  • marketing strategy, building up highly demanded quality products
  • long-term partnership  with suppliers and retail chains, based on mutual trust and respect
  • a team of highly-motivated professionals
  • Our flexibility helps us to adapt better to the changing business environment and ensures our sustainable market presence.
  • Our partnership is based on trust and loyalty. We exchange know-how and provide guaranteed support in terms of technology, marketing and logistics.
  • We guarantee high-quality products from European producers, prompt deliveries and competitive prices. In addition, we provide marketing support to our trade partners with advertising campaigns, commercial promotions, merchandising.